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General elections were held in Kenya on 8 August 2017 to elect the President, members of Parliament and devolved governments.The reported results indicated that incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta was re-elected with 54% of the vote. His main opponent, Raila Odinga with 44% of the votes, refused to accept the results and contested them in the Supreme Court and the results of the were subsequently annulled and fresh elections were ordered to be held within 60 days after the Judgement. The Supreme Court as well should make its second ruling in accordance with the law and not pressure from politicians in order to promote peace among all the citizens countrywide.

A famous man once said “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote. – George Jean Nathan
Many Kenyans at this current state have vowed not to vote again in October but claim they want Uhuru or either Raila as their president. This will never happen if they don’t play their part in waking up and going to vote for their preferred candidate. Voting is your voice another great man said that “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kenyatta is running on the slogan of Tano tena which translates into “five more years while Opposition leader Raila Odinga has referred to Canaan, the area in ancient Palestine that Israelites considered the biblical land God promised Abraham and his descendants, to symbolize Kenya’s political journey since independence.”

At least three people were killed as violent protests broke out after the losing presidential candidate charged that the August 8 elections were hacked. Supporters of Raila Odinga in this capital city — mainly its huge slums — burned tires, smashed shacks, blocked roads and threw stones at police, yelling, “No Raila, no peace. Two protesters were shot and killed by police in the Mathare slum in Nairobi, local police confirmed. In the Kisii region in western Kenya, a police officer fatally shot a man outside a polling centre. Kenya has a history of violence marring disputed elections, and this one followed that pattern. In 2007, more than 1,100 people were killed in post-election violence. I urge Kenyans to take a step forward and declare no more violence in the upcoming re-election process.

Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.” » Martin Luther King, Jr. Therefore we should all reject this sinful acts and live as one nation and one people and we should all turn up to vote on October 26 go back home and wait for the results to be announced. By doing that we will be saving this country’s economy and the lives of its citizens. If at all these conditions are met starting from the voters to the IEBC then to the politicians Kenya will have outgrown all bad records stated to affect this beautiful and rich country.

We should all embrace this famous quote and rather use it as our slogan…… “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one” – John Lennon.



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Raila Odinga who is the presidential candidate for the National Super Alliance Coalition has now launched it as a resistance movement stating that when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty.
Odinga said that Safaricom worked with IEBC, Al Ghurair, OT Morpho and Safran to deny him victory during the election. Opposition MP’s issued a list of companies urging Kenyans to boycott the products and services that they offer since they are in relation to the Jubilee Government regime.
The list of companies to be boycotted are; Safaricom (Who were accused of transmitting fake results through the KIEMs kits), Brookside dairies (which is well known to be owned by Kenyatta’s family and manufactures Brookside milk as well as Molo Milk and Delamere milk) and Bidco Oil Refineries which manufactures products like Kimbo cooking fat, Elianto and Golden Fry, White Star bar soap and many other products.

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The MP’s argument as to why these companies should be boycotted is that the work and have the blood of Kenyan innocent lives that were killed before and during the election period since 2007 to 2017.

However, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore during a press statement set boundaries and stated that all the results were transmitted to the IEBC cloud server. These companies have however denied the claims and said that they are ready for investigations to be carried on by the police upon such allegations.

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This move by the NASA resistance movement is premature since Raila stated that the move to boycott several products was primarily meant to offer the country ‘economic liberation’. I strongly urge Kenyans to make the right choice in accordance with their state of living and should not be controlled by politicians who are able to change from one style of living to another without a pinch of their financial situations. Make the right choice all by yourself.


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Photo of the Late Governor Wahome Gakuru

Nyeri governor Wahome Gakuru died in a tragic car accident on 6th November 2017. His car which was heading to Nairobi from Nyeri early morning hours is said to have lost control and pounded into a barrier along Thika road, kabati area. He was rushed to Thika level 5 Hospital awaiting to be transferred to a hospital in Nairobi before he succumbed to his wounds.

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This is the second Governor in Nyeri to die while in the office. Earlier this year, the late Nderitu Gachagua died in London while receiving treatment.
An eyewitness described the accident saying that he had followed the car from Nyeri. This super eyewitness is said to have also witnessed the high profile case of a helicopter crash in Nakuru which is now stated as a threat to the National security of Kenya.

This mysterious eyewitness known as Dennis Njegi Mungai is under investigation by police after he claimed to be a police officer. Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet assured citizens that Mr Mungai would be questioned as to what he was doing at the two fatal scenes if indeed it is proved that he is a police officer as he claims.
Conspiracy theorists investigating the fatal accident claimed that the governor’s death was an assassination well planned. They stated that the different accounts of how the accident happened were unrealistic. The late governor will be buried on Saturday 18th November at his home in Kirichu, Nyeri county.
The big question is how was this super eyewitness present in both accidents. I personally urge the police to do thorough investigations before another death is planned. I strongly believe that Mr Njegi was involved in the assassination of the Late Wahome. This is a matter of national security and should not just be ignored during this period that we are undergoing as a country. The late governor was a hardworking man with great plans of changing Nyeri county. I send my warm condolences to governor Wahome’s family together with the residents of Nyeri County.


Presidential candidates in the repeat poll from left: Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr Raila Odinga, Dr Ekuru Aukot, Mr Michael Wainaina, Mr Abduba Dida, Mr Joseph Nyagah, and Mr Japheth Kavinga.

There have been many activities running in Kenya currently. Initially, only President Kenyatta and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga were to be on the ballot come 26th October until a high court judgement was ruled in favour of Dr Ekuru Aukot.



Tony Karuma. Standard Media Group

Mashujaa day was celebrated on 20th October 2017 where leaders from the Jubilee party attended the ceremony to celebrate those that fought for our Independence back in the Colonial rule.  Unlike the other Mashujaa days which were celebrated at Nyayo Stadium, this event was initiated at the Uhuru Park gardens.

This was the first time that  President Uhuru Kenyatta and Chief Justice Maraga met after the nullification of the presidential results by the Supreme Court of Kenya. After the arrival of President Kenyatta at the famous Uhuru grounds, he inspected the guard of honour as the Chief Inspector of the Military before heading to the stage.

In President Kenyatta’s speech, he remembered the great warriors who fought for this rich country. He also mentioned Wangari Maathai who fought for the conservation of the environment. The president also acknowledged the brave girl who died rescuing other students during a fire that broke out at Moi Girls school. In the speech, the president advised the citizens of Kenya to be vigilant of terrorist attacks after Somalia was recently attacked after a bomb exploded.

President Uhuru urged Kenyans to participate during the coming 26th October repeat elections and asked them to give him another term so as to conclude on the projects that his Government has been working on. Kenyatta assured Kenyans that wish to vote during the poll to feel free and should not be worried about their security since he has planned to boost security all over the country to protect the citizens right to vote. On the other hand, he stated that those who do not wish to participate in the elections should remain home and not disrupt the process for it will be termed as an offence since they will be violating the Law. Kenyatta called upon all Kenyans to gather in a National Prayer day to be held on  22nd October in relation to peace and harmony come the election period.

The National Super Alliance Leaders boycotted the event which was held at the Uhuru Park gardens. The held their meeting in Bondo mourning of the injustices done by the Police after the death of some of the protestors who were shot. Raila Odinga told his supporters that he will be releasing a statement on 25th October in relation to the way forward come 26th October.

Call for Peace and Harmony

President Uhuru Kenyatta calls for harmony ahead poll 

Tony Karuma

President Kenyatta addressed the citizens during Mashujaa Day on 20th October and urged them to promote peace and unity ahead and during elections to be conducted on 26th October 2017.

Kenyatta issued a clear statement that there will be elections come next week on Thursday as the court ordered a repeat of the presidential elections within 60 days after nullification. During the event, the president warned those that wish not to vote to remain home and let those that wish to vote peacefully.Kenyatta promised to beef up security all over countrywide so that those that wish to cause disruptions during the election period are not allowed to.

“The coming election demands that we remain calm and peaceful. We must desist from divisive acts, which our enemies can use to harm us,” said the president.

President Kenyatta also warned those that are issuing threats and intimidation to Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission stuff should cease with an immediate effect.

Raila Odinga on the other hand in Bondo said that there will be no elections and has called for mass protests on the day. Odinga condemned deployment of the military in Kisumu saying that they are killing innocent citizens.

I personally urge everyone to take part and vote for their leader of choice since it is one of the right protected under the Constitution of Kenya. Those that do not want to participate will not be questioned since it is within their democratic right not to but should not bring chaos or threaten those that are willing to.

Akombe withdraws


Standard Media

Roselyn Akombe a senior official of Kenya’s electoral commission resigned on 18 October saying that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) was under siege. Akombe said that IEBC was no longer independent since it is being manipulated by politicians who are only self-driven by their selfishness.

Akombe announced her resignation from New York where she previously used to work for the UN before joining IEBC. In her statement, she made it public that her life was in danger after she received death threats which led to her fleeing for her life.

Akombe issued a statement saying the IEBC is not capable of offering free, fair and credible election as authorized by the supreme court of Kenya. She also said that it wouldn’t be safe to conduct elections due to security reasons. Akombe said that some of the officials are willing to let the elections proceed even if it would cost lives of innocent citizens and also of some of the officials working at the electoral body.


“The Commission in its current state can surely not guarantee a credible election on 26 October 2017. I do not want to be part to such mockery to electoral integrity,” said Akombe.


I personally believe that Akombe has done great injustice to our country Kenya by resigning at this crucial time (betraying her country). She is busy pinpointing mistakes of other people while she’s the one that is busy bringing chaos. This is just another plan set so that after the elections, the opposition party would go back to the court pursuing the credibility of the process.




Police officers raided the home of Jimmy Wanjigi a prominent businessman in Muthaiga after they recovered five rifles and 900 rounds of ammunition at his house in Malindi.

The flying squad and GSU had arrest and search warrants.The officers had been allowed to search, carry away ammunition, explosives and any document that related to importation of weapons. This raid happened on Tuesday morning where his house was heavily guarded while the investigations were ongoing. Wanjigi acquired a court order that prevented his arrest by the police.

Courtesy : Standard news

According to a press briefing by Wanjigi at his residence today together with the NASA leaders he claimed that all the proof presented by the police were false. He blamed the government for trying to intimidate him since he was supporting the opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Courtesy : Standard news

National Super Alliance Leaders termed this raid as political and claimed that the police did not have legal access to the premises and that they assaulted some of the people who were in that residence.

I strongly believe that the recovery of the rifles at Wangigi’s home should trigger our minds to look at the mass killing that happened in Ukraine during 2014 elections after protesters were killed. Dozens died and hundreds were injured after gunmen attacked the police and the civilians who were protesting in the streets.

The opposition fighters attacked and broke through the police lines leading to a serious clash between the two parties. The demonstrators started occupying Government offices since they had overpowered the current Government and forced President Viktor Yanukovych into exile. Is the opposition party in Kenya planning to use gunmen to overthrow UHURUTO’S Government? As Kenyans, we should not be incited by our leaders to commit sinful acts since it only costs us our lives.